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    Julong was elected Vice Chairman of the fourth session meeting of the China Trade Association for anti-counterfeiting


    On January 6, the fourth session meeting of the China Trade Association for anti-counterfeit and the first session of the meeting of board of directors were held in Beijing Yuanwang Building. Member of the party and Deputy Director of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Chen Gang attended the meeting and made an important speech. Rongwu Yin, the third session of the Secretary-General did the “Third session council work and financial report of China Security Industry Association." Association chief engineer Xirong Chen explained on the "China Anti-Counterfeiting Industry Association" (draft amendments) and the relevant provisions of the election.

    Tao Huibiao, Vice Chairman of the Association as the Commissioner of the Commissioner announced that the general assembly elected Association Chairman, Secretary-General, Vice Chairman, Vice chairman of the organization, Executive Director, Executive Director of the organization and Director, Director Organization of the fourth session of the Chinese anti-counterfeiting industry. Julong Co., Ltd. was elected Vice Chairman of the organization and President Liu Yongquan was elected Vice President.

    The Secretary-General of China Security Industry Association, Yin Rongwu pointed out that the current security situation is still grim, fake and shoddy products are still flooding the market. Especially the bill, certificate and bank card are electronic, digital currency and other information technology has played a subversive role of develop of the anti-counterfeiting industry. How to lead the anti-counterfeiting retrospective and brand protection and construction of Internet of Thing is an important issue for anti-counterfeiting services and products. The Association will strive to achieve the integration of anti-counterfeiting industry and the Internet plus in the security code, security information system, and mobile Internet verification to enhance the level of information and service capabilities for e-commerce security, intelligent logistics to provide support. At the same time, the association will continue to promote the construction of "national product security traceability verification public platform", promote the combination of the construction of security and social credit system. The next step, the association will also strengthen the association management service capabilities, enhance the technical support capabilities, innovative service model, to carry out cooperation and exchanges. Give full play to the role of bridges and ties, combined on the manufacturing industry, service industry and the development of small and medium-sized enterprise planning policy, strengthening guidance of the industrial development, technological development, key areas and projects, personnel training and other aspects. Carry out security brand cultivation, and gradually cultivate a number of well-known brands of enterprises, build a platform for technological innovation, and promote sustainable development of the industry, so that the associations truly become the main norms that achieved service output, demands reflect and behavior normative.

    Deputy Director Chen Gang fully affirmed the work of the third session of the China Trade Association for anti-counterfeiting and raised a higher demand for the new council in the summing up speech: China Trade Association for anti-counterfeiting should unite and lead the majority of members of the enterprise “roll up our sleeves and work with added energy, we can succeed in the Long March of our generation.”We should cohesion and co-operation, to promote the anti-counterfeiting industry development more healthy, to make new and greater contributions to China's economic development. After the meeting, deputy director Chen Gang has a friendly communicate with the representatives from Julong Co., Ltd. He has given full recognition for the long-term financial security research of Julong and hope Julong continue to occupy the bridgehead to achieve better and faster development. As a leading provider of currency security operations and digital management solutions, Julong has been committed to providing a full range of financial security system solutions, will unswervingly promote the healthy development of the security industry for the country's economic development to make their own contribution.

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